Tools & Resources

Free Fonts and Font Resources

The following sites basically have tons of fonts to choose from.  You can download fonts for Mac or PC.  The fonts are organized by style.

1001 Free FontsUrbanFontsDa Font | Fonts 101

Identifont – If you have ever seen a font that you like, but didn’t know the name of it, Identifont can help you to figure out what font it is. Answer a series of questions and it will try its best to find the font.

WhatTheFont! – Similar to Identifont, but you can even upload a picture and it will try to figure out the font for you.

Sites to Promote Your Products

Here are some sites that are alternative to the typical market places that you will submit your products to (like ClickBank or PayDotCom). These sites are perfect for submitting free PDF reports or courses that you offer through your opt-in list.

(PENDING RENEWAL) Indigital Works #1 MMR & PLR Source – I ran across this site that allows  you to post products you’ve created with resell rights, master resell rights, giveaway rights or private label rights. It’s free to submit your product.

SureFireWealth – If you are offering resell or giveaway or private label rights to your product, don’t think about not submitting to this site.  It’s one of the largest memberships out there, with thousands of users looking for new resell rights products.  You can get a free membership and submit your product.

Record Your Screen (Make Videos)

Ready to make a screen recording for your product?  The following products and sites allow you to record the software you want to demo or record your presentation. Each will also allow you to record voice (unless otherwise noted) and share the video in some way or another.

DemoCreator – This is a paid, downloadable software that allows you to record your screen and publish it to a number of video formats. It’s very similar to Camtasia, but it has a different workflow.  Please read my review on Wondershare DemoCreator for more information. Currently the price is $99 compared to Camtasia ($299).

Other Video Services

Mikogo – This site is all about remote desktop sharing. What a perfect way to provide training to someone or technical support to someone. With this service you can “take control” of their screen and mouse very similar to Adobe Connect and other services… but this one is free.

Stock Photography and Images

Every Stock Photo – This is a free stock photography search engine. It searches a number of free photography sites for free photos you can use in your products.  License information is available when you select a photo.

BoxShotKing – This site allows you to create a number of types of 3D covers for your books.  You can create books, Kindle versions, iPad versions, notebook formats, etc. using your existing book or info product cover graphic.

Writing Resources

Archetype – It’s the fiction writer’s guide to psychology. Why is this important? Because your story has characters and characters have personalities and those personalities have quirks! Understanding a little psychology helps you to create characters with believable reactions, inactions and motivations.