Get the clarity and collaboration you need to create a valuable learning experience.


Managing the creation of a new course can be hard work.

You are soooo ready to impact hundreds, maybe thousands of people around the world with your years of knowledge and experience. Or maybe you simply want to make a change in your local community by sharing your expertise for good.

But then you sit down to create a course...and it all starts falling apart:

  • You have all the skills, information, and knowledge in your head. You have so many notes, ideas, and maybe a few course outlines you thought might work - but you can't pull it together, it all just feels overwhelming!
  • You are amazing at your job, profession, or craft and you've probably helped many others before to do the exact thing you want to teach! But you don't feel like you have the teaching gene because trying to put all your talent into a course just isn't clicking.
  • And oh no - the technology of it all! You have heard about all the "tech" that you'll need to create videos and course materials and you feel you will never be able to do that.
  • Then you start to think about all the boring courses you've tuned out in the past and worry "Will my course end up like that mess?"


I know the process of compiling all of the value you want to give to your future students from what you have experienced over perhaps decades is very difficult to condense down into just a few hours or days. You wonder:

  • What am I supposed to include?
  • How long should my course be?
  • Where do I even start?

It's not easy. It's not fast. Not if you want to create an impactful course - an amazing learning experience - for your students.

If you've ever Googled "How to create a course" you will have found many gurus offering to teach you. You buy their course and you still feel lost and confused. They tell you to create it fast, in a weekend, even overnight. And sometimes they tell you not to even create it at all!

Why is that?

It's because they are teaching you marketing and sales and how to create a course made for one of the popular course platforms. So you don't learn how to organize your valuable knowledge and experience to create a powerful learning experience for your students - instead, you're learning how to sell a course online. Not YOUR awesome course, but just any old course.

And don't be impressed by how beautiful and professional their courses look, because guess what? They have teams of people helping them to create perfect materials and production-quality videos. But you have only yourself at the moment, just trying to pull your ideas together and figure it all out.

You're not alone on the struggle bus.

I've been a career course creator for almost three decades now. I've had the privilege to work with so many passionate professionals who had the same struggles as you. They were confused and overwhelmed and not sure how all of the information they wanted to share with their students could ever come together in the form of a course.

Slides? Videos? Workbooks? Exercises? Learning management systems?

They didn't know how much content to include, what to leave out, or how to just get it all organized into something cohesive that their students could learn from. I continued to see professionals like you feeling super frustrated with the same issues and questions (especially after enrolling in guru course creation courses!).

In fact, minutes before writing this page, I got off a video call with an expert who plans to teach a course in the following month. He sounded exasperated, not knowing what to do as I walked him through his slides and asked questions. It was to the point where I felt in his voice he was giving up! It was soooo difficult for him to make decisions about what to include, how to organize his slides, or what content would be too little or too much for the course. (Don't worry! I helped him with an action plan and he will be ready for his students next month.)

The struggle is very real when you have the expertise, but maybe not the best course creation skills.

What they all needed was someone to help them get clarity and to collaborate with them on their course creation journey. That is why...



I already love YOUR course.

I love it because it's my passion to help you to be able to create the course that YOU want to create for your students. Not a cookie-cutter guru-style course that doesn't really give your students the transformation they seek from learning from you.

I want to help you get clear on your course vision and collaborate with you to help you make that vision come to life.

Now, imagine this...

  • You feel confident about your course idea and know it's exactly what your students want and need, instead of guessing.
  • You have a concrete plan of action for creating your course and know what steps to take, so you are able to take total control of your limited time.
  • You feel excited and happy knowing you are finally working on your course instead of being overwhelmed with the process.
  • You get your course up and running quickly without struggling to figure out what technology you need.
  • You know your students will love your course and you just can't wait to get it out into the world!

Doesn't that sound amazing?


I take a collaborative approach to help you plan, design and develop your course. I don't only give you a proven process to follow, I also give you the tools, education and support to lead you along your journey.



This is not a templated approach. I know every single course creator and their students are unique. I’ll guide you in researching and understanding your students and what they need from you.



I have developed my proven course development process over almost THREE DECADES working in academia, corporate, and government. It works for creating engaging learning experiences regardless of your topic.



Through a collaborative approach, we’ll create a plan, design, and develop your course. I will be with you every step of the way. This is where you will see your course really come to life.



Your course creation journey is unique. I recognize you have certain strengths and comfort zones. I will help you to develop in both areas and make sure you create a course that works perfectly for you and your students.



Most of all, I'm very interested in YOUR course. I value your knowledge and your experiences and I appreciate that you want to share that knowledge with others. I want to help you be successful!